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        Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System

        The acquisition of clean water has become an immense task in select parts of the world due to pollution and various geographic constraints. As a reverse osmosis system manufacturer, we at ANGEL have the right water purification system and solution to meet every of your water treatment and filtration demands. We mainly supply reverse osmosis drinking water system and seawater desalination system, both of which are guaranteed to improve water quality to acceptable standards. Our line of drinking water purification system can also be used in combination with our complete bottling lines, thus creating qualified water for bottled water and beverage production.

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          1. Water Purification SystemsWe have accumulated nearly 20 years' manufacturing experience of water purification ...
          1. Bottling LineWe are committed to manufacturing the bottling line needed in the production of mineral water, fruit juice...
          1. 5 Gallon Water Filling MachineOur 5 gallon water filling machine is a complete bottling line that integrates functions such ...
          1. Industrial Reverse Osmosis System (1000LPH)

            It offers pure water 1000L every hour. This RO system can serve as the drinking water purification system in a large factory where there are 10,000 workers.

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          1. Bottling Line

            Our line of bottling lines typically includes the bottle washing machine, bottle filling machine, bottle capping machine, and the bottle labeling machine. Also, it has a shrink wrapping machine which uses one plastic film to pack several bottles.

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          1. 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

            Main frame of the 5 gallon water filling machine is made of high quality stainless steel. Other parts are manufactured with non-toxic, sanitary, and durable materials. We only use the overseas famous brand components for the electric system and pneumatic system.

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          1. Ice Vending Machine

            Our ice vending machine can automatically pack the ice blocks with bags. Also, the buyer can choose the ice blocks that are not packed.The ice maker stops making ice blocks when it is full with ice blocks. It stops selling when there are no water, ice blocks, or bags.

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